Department of Citizenship, Immigration and Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs


- Intermicronational Studies (I.S.)
- Diplomacy

Intermicronational Studies (I.S.)

Intermicronational Studies is the studying of foreign policies, Intergovernmental Organisations, International Laws, Philosophy, Geography and Sociology of micronations and other states. In Anpix the most studying is on Intergovernmental Organisations and International Laws.


Diplomacy is the art and practice of negotiations between countries and/or organisations.
The Kazzardist Republic of Anpix has sent out applications to some micronations to form alliances/relations.
Other nations are free to contact us using the foreign form.

The current foreign relations that the Kazzardist Republic of Anpix have are with the following:

- Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros - Alliance established
- Kingdom of Istoria - Alliance established
- Kingdom of Resoria -  Alliance established
- Republic of Wyvern - Friendship established
- Republic of Ultamiya - Friendship established
- Slinky Empyre  - Friendship established
- United Province Under Chance (UPUC) - Alliance established